2023 Retail Report

Omnichannel Order Fulfillment Trends & Strategies

Retailers of all sizes are prioritizing omnichannel order fulfillment to create flawless shopping experiences everywhere — and every time. But are their inventory systems truly prepared to tackle this emerging challenge and still grow the business?

Omnichannel Strategies vs. Consumer Expectations

In this survey, Deposco and Retail Dive pull the curtains back on the industry’s readiness with omnichannel order fulfillment. Businesses of all types and sizes weighed in on the effectiveness of their current omnichannel strategies, satisfaction with technologies in use, and future priorities.

The data shows that most retailers recognize the importance of omnichannel fulfillment. However, most aren’t very far along in creating true experiences, so the lane is wide open to make your mark.

How does your omnichannel fulfillment strategy align with what your peers are doing – and more importantly, what consumers expect? Read the report to learn:

  • Source of sales by channel 
  • Effectiveness of current omnichannel strategies
  • Technologies relied on to improve in-store fulfillment
  • Challenges limiting omnichannel progress
  • Future tech investment for better customer experiences


Key Highlights

Discover key insights from Deposco and Retail Dive's survey on sales channels, omnichannel fulfillment strategies, technologies, challenges, and future investments.


say omnichannel fulfillment extended their customer reach


of in-store fulfillment investments support real-time in-store + online inventory


currently use some form of omnichannel fulfillment tech


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