Peak Season Industry Report

Navigating Peak Season 2023

This season promises a carryover of familiar obstacles including labor shortages, escalated pricing, and longer seasons that are hard to predict. Only this year, the rising cost of these complexities has ignited a new plan of attack.

Grab this report to learn the strategic defenses put into place by retailers, wholesalers, and 3PLs/4PLs to simplify their operations, accelerate value, and build for future initiatives with an obvious ROI.

Take Charge of Peak Season Fulfillment

Deposco and Industry Dive pull the curtains back on the industry’s readiness for Peak Season 2023. Businesses of all types and sizes weighed in on their top concerns, focus areas, the effectiveness of their current fulfillment operations, and future priorities.

The data shows that most businesses are now taking stronger actions to prep for sustained disruptions that are out of their control. Should you? Read the report to gauge your peak season preparations against the core focus areas of your peers, who are seeking:

  • Profit-friendly alternatives to hiring amid labor problems
  • Improvements to order accuracy & speed
  • Protection against the consequences of inflation (higher returns, reduced spending, order cancellations)
  • Increased use of a 3PL partner for relief
  • Efficiencies across in-store fulfillment (BOPIS/BORIS)


Key Highlights

Discover key insights and strategies from the survey to navigate your 2023 Peak Season optimally.


Say deploying automation tech is their preferred method to address pre-peak labor issues (vs. only 11% in 2022)


Say order accuracy is a top concern, up from 16% in 2022


Say that WMS + OMS solutions will prep their warehouse operations to be more profitable in peak season


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