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Deposco is a third-party logistics WMS software with the intelligence to maximize order throughout and enable operational efficiency lets you provide fulfillment services that win high marks from clients at higher operational margins.

Deposco Helps IWLA Members Streamline 3PL Operations

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IWLA members are seeing results wiht Deposco now while investing in a WMS solution for the future.

Over 3,000 of the world’s fastest-growing ecommerce and DTC businesses rely on Deposco. We’re supporting over $10 billion in sales and over 43 million consumer orders annually. Total customer shipments increased by 78% in the last two years.


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Drive Fulfillment

Deposco’s order management and DOM application optimizes sourcing and fulfillment from warehouses, 3PLs, and stores to consumers and businesses based on real-time inventory, demand, and locations.

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ITB Fulfillment

Orchestrating order management is the vital catalyst to scaling omnichannel, which should be top of mind for you right now. Research shows compelling evidence of this.

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Orchestrating order management is the vital catalyst to scaling omnichannel, which should be top of mind for you right now. Research shows compelling evidence of this.

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IWLA's partner of choice for top 3PL companies

Integrate WMS, OMS, and DOM

Deposco’s Bright Suite creates a seamless, and cohesive experience for your company and your customers. Integrated 3PL WMS, OMS, and DOM solutions provide total control and value-rich services with fast onboarding. So you can scale profitably. 

Simplify 3PL billing

Our 3PL fulfillment software enables you to bill per client, per task, and per order. Full visibility for both you and the client helps everyone stay on the same page for order transactions and locations as well as costs.

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Adapt to specific client needs

Win bigger clients and retain existing business with easy-to-onboard, easy-to-manage services for a variety of custom requests. Support Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), custom kitting and labeling, sustainable options, personalized offerings, and multiple marketplaces with complex shipping options.

Onboard new clients faster

IWLA members love the user-friendly interface of Deposco’s 3PL warehouse management system. With 150+ pre-built integrations, our 3PL software can onboard new clients in a week or less, train staff in minutes, and start selling right away.

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Increase in topline growth

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Increase in shipping volume YoY

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Order and inventory accuracy

Software Integrations

150+ pre-built supply chain integrations to speed and simplify system modifications - Explore the largest library in the industry.

Benefits of Deposco's Smart 3PL WMS


Labor Efficiency

Automate workflows for optimal speed and order accuracy, reducing operational costs.



Integrate seamlessly with other systems and adjust task sequencing to handle last-minute order requests.


Time Savings

Cut down on billing administration and customer service time, enabling faster payments and enhanced customer service


Order Tracking

Automate time-critical order tracking information, providing better customer service at a lower cost.

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Fulfill with Growth in Mind

Don't just manage logistics; revolutionize them with Deposco's smart 3PL Warehouse Management System tailored for success!

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