Research Report

Navigating Peak Season 2023

European Supply Chain Leaders’ Top Strategies & Priorities

Peak season this year promises to be longer and more challenging than last year. Uncertainty around rising prices, labour shortages and delivery delays are contributing heavily to the unease felt by European businesses. However, those firms have robust plans to mitigate these pressures and help themselves emerge strongly out of the other side of the season.

Download this fascinating research report to discover the strategies and plans businesses are putting in place to simplify their fulfilment operations, accelerate value, and build for the future.

Get Ahead of Peak Season Fulfilment Challenges

Deposco teamed up with Industry Dive to feel the pulse of European businesses as they prepare for Peak Season 2023. Businesses of all types and sizes revealed their biggest concerns, their key areas of focus for this upcoming season, how effective they feel their current fulfilment operations are, and where their future priorities lie.

The analysis reveals that most businesses are now taking stronger actions to prepare for external disruptions that are out of their control. Should you? Read the report to compare your peak season preparations against the core focus areas of your peers, who are looking for:

  • Sustainable solutions to mitigate labour shortages
  • Improvements to order accuracy and speed
  • Protection against the consequences of inflation (higher returns, reduced spending, order cancellations)
  • Increased outsourcing for logistics and transportation
  • Efficiencies across in-store fulfilment (click-and-collect, in-store returns)
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Key Highlights

Discover key insights and strategies from the survey to navigate your 2023 Peak Season optimally.


Say managing costs is their top priority for peak season


Say escalating pricing is a top concern


Say that WMS + OMS solutions will prep their warehouse operations to be more profitable this season


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