4 Features Netsuite ERP can't offer that Deposco can:


Intelligent Fulfillment

Strategically allocate inventory from the most logical warehouse location, batch pick, or waive based on order types. A modern warehouse management system lets you run your warehouse the way it makes sense.


WMS Integrations 

Direct software integrations to Netsuite ERP, marketplaces and shipping platforms and 100+ others are pre-built by the WMS partner, allowing changes without the clunky, expensive, custom-built development project.


Inventory First Focus

Netsuite's first focus will always be accounting, not improving your warehouse operations. A modern WMS removes limits on what you can do. That means consistent updates and the latest functionality, always. 


Real-Time  Visibility 

Netsuite update's inventory data daily, as necessary for accounting. In a WMS, data necessary for core business decisions gets updated about every 5 seconds, improving savings, accuracy, and customer experience. 

Since Deposco, we've actually gotten four times busier as an operation and we have hired just under half the amount of people to handle that amount of volume. So it's about a hundred percent increase in efficiency, which is amazing. And Deposco has been able to do that because we get a lot of data we didn't have before from simply using an ERP system. And then we use that data to do, to monitor our operation and to make, to fine-tune and tweak it to make it that much better.

Shea Tully
Vice President of Operations,
Power Design Resources

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