2023 Peak Planning Starts Now!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how was your 2022 Peak Season? Was it a disaster? If you're going to be ready this year it starts with a new warehouse management system that you can rely on.  

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Hear How Deposco Customers Crushed Peak 

Altitude Sports

Retailer Altitude Sports explains the Black Friday breaking point of when it was time to look for a new warehouse management system, why they chose Deposco, and a sneak peek into some of the innovative things they are doing now seven years later with Deposco.

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The Daily Grace Co.

The long hours and always feeling like you’re playing catch-up was no new feeling for The Daily Grace during Peak season. Until they found Deposco. Hear how Logan Brewer, title, at The Daily Grace was using multiple systems to try to achieve what Deposco can.

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Gordon Companies 

No one is busier than Santa during the holiday season unless you’re Gordon Companies. Known as the Kings of Christmas, Gordon Companies supplies 18 of the largest consumer goods companies with holiday products. Hear why they trust Deposco for reliable delivery.

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Deposco Peak Week Results

100% system uptime

Always there when you need it. With our cloud-based suite and system redundancies, our tools are available to support your growth.

40% more orders

Not only were there no hiccups, but across the board our system handled 40% more volume than last year during the same time period.

Zero system hiccups

You read that right; ZERO emergencies, missed deliveries or lost inventory during the busiest time of the year. Now that's a warehouse management system you can rely on.

Peak Season Lessons to Learn From

Resources you need for a successful 2023


Peak Season Report

Catch up on the trends from last peak season and understand where your business stands in this collaborative report by Deposco and Supply Chain Dive. 

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A Peak Season Retrospective

How do you feel about your peak season? Learn how your 2023 Peak Season can be free of inventory system outages, excessive costs, and “We’re sorry’s”? 

"The biggest reason why we chose Deposco was talking to other customers of Deposco, the references. And when they really said that they stress-tested the system and they found it didn’t blink; it could just process huge volumes of orders. That was a clear-cut homerun reason why we had to change."

Nathan Gordon
Vice President
Gordon Companies Inc.