3PL Playbook

5 Steps 3PLs Can Take Today to Rise Above the Competition

Facing a saturated market known for its 40% customer churn rate, 3PLs are rethinking their approach to fulfillment. How can you best compete and manage customer preferences that are unpredictable, unwieldy, and – let’s face it – unprofitable?

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Dynamic Challenges Require Dynamic Solutions

Does the inflexibility of your legacy fulfillment system have you struggling to meet your customers’ fluid market conditions? What are the operational costs and business risks of that? 


Reimagine Your Marketability, Protect Your Contracts

Advances in logistics technology play an urgent role in keeping your 3PL ahead of the swift changes in your market. In this playbook, Industry Dive and Deposco reveal what forward-thinking 3PLs are doing to reimagine their marketability and protect their contracts.

You will learn 5 steps to quickly: 

  • Alleviate business costs and labor constraints
  • Simplify omnichannel and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) order fulfillment
  • Create a fully supported tech stack that evolves with the future needs of your business and your customers

3PL Webinar
Strategic Plays to Make your 3PL Stand Out

Facing a saturated market known for its 40% customer churn rate, 3PLs need an operational leg up – and they need it fast. Watch the webinar on-demand to get the proven, strategic plays of third-party logistics firms that stand out


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